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Post Wedding Shoots: The Fun Continues!

August 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The biggest day in your life is definitely a memory that you would like to cherish forever. As a documentary wedding photographer in Edinburgh, my aim is to help you do just that, by capturing stunning photographs.

As much as I enjoy photographing couples in love on their big day, something that I am perhaps even fonder of doing is getting a chance to photograph them after the wedding. Weddings are massively busy events with everyone rushing here and there. It does not matter how many hands you have on board to help you out with pulling the event smoothly, there is always something that could use more attention.

At DH Photography, we are all about making things as convenient and stress-free for our clients, but weddings and jitters go hand in hand. During the wedding, the bride and the groom themselves are on what seems like an emotional rollercoaster. This is a majorly significant day for both of them and nerves are bound to cause a little more annoyance than usual.

Since I have been covering wedding events for quite some time now, I am all too familiar with how nervousness and pre-wedding anxiety can make it so difficult for the couple to relax and smile for the camera. And I don’t blame them!

Everyone everywhere is in a rush to put last-minute touches on things. And while there may be things that are better executed under pressure, photography is not one of them…especially when the subject of your interest is the one feeling rushed. Just imagine yourself smiling for the camera on your big day, and the next second being drifted off to a corner, by a distant cousin who must have a word with you before you exchange vows.

And no, they cannot wait.

However, things take a turn (and for the better!) after wedding ceremonies have been taken care of. In fact, I am not making this up when I say that the entire atmosphere of the event experiences a shift, once the main events are done and dusted with.

Everybody seems more relaxed especially the bride and the groom.

This is why this should come as no surprise to anybody when I say that photographs taken during a post-wedding shoot turn out 10 times better than ones taken while the wedding is in full swing. Now that a big load is off everybody’s shoulders, people at the wedding have a much easier, not to mention, a more entertaining time getting photographed.

There are no deadlines to catch, there are no 4 different places to be at in one given moment -- all of this gives the wedding photographer an opportunity to click beautiful pictures of the now relaxed clients. So if you are wondering if a post-wedding shoot is worth looking into for your big event, my answer is that it definitely is worth it; you will not be disappointed. 


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