DH Photography | The beautiful Ayrshire Wedding: Laura & Andy

The beautiful Ayrshire Wedding: Laura & Andy

July 01, 2017  •  2 Comments

As a documentary wedding photographer in Edinburgh, I can safely vouch for the fact that Scotland makes for a beautiful wedding venue. It has some of the most stunning resorts and hotels that double up as great places to host a wedding at.

Furthermore, the verdant scenery which Scotland provides is another factor which works in its favour. In fact, in my personal opinion it is the breathtaking scenery of Scotland which primarily accounts for why so many people choose a wedding venue here.

And if you have ever had the opportunity to look at some of that scenery, you would know just why that happens! So when my lovely clients Laura and Andy told me that they have selected Enterkine House in Ayrshire as their wedding venue, I could easily tell why. Located in the heart of Ayrshire, it is one of the most famous wedding locations there. It is a gorgeous country house hotel that is surrounded by even more gorgeous views.

Now a little about my clients; Laura and Andy wanted a photographer who would cover their wedding as it happens. That is, they were not looking for a photographer who would capture excessively posed pictures of their big day.

In other words, they were looking for a documentary style photographer to capture plenty of beautiful candid wedding moments.

So on the day of the actual event, I arrived at the Enterkine House. Ask any wedding photographer about what is that one thing they pray extra hard for, on the day of any event which they are supposed to cover. 9/10 times you will get to hear something related to wishing the weather that day is good. Now if you know anything about Scotland’s weather you probably know that we hardly ever have excessively hot weather! However, on Laura and Andy’s big day the temperature was soaring!

Still, the wedding ceremony took place smoothly and despite the sweltering heat Laura, Andy, I and everybody else who attended the wedding, managed to maintain our cool. The Enterkine House’s staff was so hospitable, making all sorts of accommodations to keep the guests at ease. So in the end, despite the extreme heat everyone had a good time.

The beautiful views surrounding the Enterkine made for absolutely gorgeous backdrops! The fact that there was just so much sunlight that day made it easy for me to capture vivid, bright shots of Laura and Andy who were perhaps one of the most cooperative clients I have ever had.

Dressed to the nines, the couple looked as gorgeous live as they did on the camera! I managed to click some beautiful wedding portraits of the couple. My focus, as requested by Laura and Andy, was to make sure that the pictures came out as natural-looking as possible.

Have a look at some of the shots and decide for yourself if you think I did a good job! Let me know in the comments section of what you make of the wedding portraits.



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