DH Photography | Top Wedding Locations in Scotland: Eskmills Venue Musselburgh

Top Wedding Locations in Scotland: Eskmills Venue Musselburgh

May 17, 2017  •  5 Comments

 It is precisely the picturesque views that the small town of Musselburgh has to offer, which makes it such a favourite location for so many couples.

So when the ever charming, Jenni and Martin, told me that they are getting hitched at the Eskmills Venue, I already knew all the reasons why they had picked that place as their wedding venue. As a documentary wedding photographer in Edinburgh, I have travelled to several beautiful locations that are near Edinburgh and Musselburgh just happens to be one of them.

Before I start telling you all the amazing things that happened at the wedding, let me first tell you a little about the couple in question. Jenni and Martin are couple goals. Not only has the pair been head over heels in love with each other since forever, they have also spent a lot of time following their passions together. Jenni and Martin both are immensely enthusiastic about travelling and have travelled to a great many exciting places before they finally decided to make things official.

They picked April 2017 as the month where they tie the knot and picked me to cover their big day, because they were looking for a photographer who would capture moments as they happened.

Since Musselburgh is just 15 minutes away from Edinburgh, arriving at the venue was pretty convenient. From the gardens to the courtyards, everything at the Eskmills has its own unique style which I could hardly wait to capture through my camera. I was already eyeing the places which in my opinion would make awesome backdrops. If you have ever been to Eskmills Venue yourself you would know just how much beauty that place has. It’s like every time you look at its scenery, a different picture composition comes to your mind.

Jenni and Martin’s weddings itself was very traditional. Martin himself was dressed in a kilt and needless to say, he was really pulling the look off! Jenni on the other hand opted for a more modern bridal gown and looked like a vision. Their dear and near ones were also dressed to the nines.

As a documentary wedding photographer in Edinburgh, you know how my photography motto is to take pictures of couples that look anything but posed. Jenni and Martin were very easy to work with in this regard. The love they had for each other was so easy to spot in each glance they shared that it automatically classified as the perfect moment to capture.

The couple’s family was an equal delight to work with. Everybody looked so relaxed and happy that clicking beautiful photographs of them was a piece of cake. The documentary wedding photographer in me was over the moon!

I spent my time capturing one spectacular candid shot after another. It goes without saying that the super happy atmosphere at Jenni and Martin’s wedding was absolutely contagious.


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The photos look fantastic so happy
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Pictures look fab! The couple seems so relaxed and happy ;)
I have been there as a wedding guest and the venue is absolutely stunning :)
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