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Mr. & Mrs. Brown - Macdonald Inchyra Hotel and Spa

May 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Scotland has plenty that makes it such an incredible wedding location. So when Nicole and Ryan approached me and told me about having their wedding in Falkirk and how they want me to cover it, I couldn’t help but be excited.

Another amazing perk you get to enjoy as a wedding photographer is getting to travel. And while Falkirk is not that far from Edinburgh, it still was a different place!

The wedding was scheduled for the 29th of April. When the day finally arrived, I set out for Macdonald Ichyra Hotel, the wedding venue. 

Luckily, when I reached Falkirk it was not particularly sunny, but the clouds were not too much to deal with either so it was all good. A good photographer always has a backup plan especially in regards to the weather.

Now a little more about my clients; Nicole and Ryan who are now, by the way, Mr. and Mrs. Brown are the definition of ideal clients. Not only did this couple know what they wanted but they were also super willing to have me help them paint, or in our case click, an even better picture. We had met once prior to the wedding and had gone over everything in terms of what they were looking for in their wedding photo shoot. This is an extremely important process that I insist on going through with all my clients so that everything on the actual day of the event can be executed smoothly.

While the Macdonald Ichyra Hotel is beautiful, I think I speak for everyone present at the wedding that nothing was more beautiful than seeing the couple I was to photograph, so head over heels in love with each other. As I mentioned in my earlier blog post that my style of capturing pictures is freezing the moment as it happens and not trying to make it look too forced/posed.

I identify myself as a documentary wedding photographer. What this means is that I tell all that happened at the event as it happens using my camera. Being a documentary wedding photographer is a little more challenging than other photography styles because you do not have the room for any instructions. Since it is about capturing beautiful candid shots you have to be super, super fast. It is kind of like disappearing in the background and silently doing your work as your clients move happily about.

While the documentary style of photography is difficult the best part about this is that you get to capture some of the most beautiful moments which even the clients themselves are not aware of! The wedding venue, the weather of that day, the scenic backdrop that the outdoors offered and charming guests made covering Nicole and Ryan’s wedding an absolute treat for me.



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