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Being a Part of Something Important

April 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

There are very few people who can say that they get to be a part of somebody’s biggest day on the regular. As a wedding photographer, nothing makes me happier than capturing couples on what is inarguably one of their most unforgettable days.

A day as important as your wedding, only deserves the absolute best in all sense of the word. Hiring a professional Edinburgh wedding photographer should definitely be an important factor in your wedding planning process. Having been in this industry for some time now, I see so many excellent photographers missing out on clients just because they are convinced they know what’s better for them, rather than giving the clients what they want.

This is why that never works: While you are definitely an expert on the subject of photography, it’s not your wedding. If DH Photography were to have a philosophy of sorts, it would be that only! Working with DH Photography means having client satisfaction automatically marked as a priority from start to finish.

Weddings are usually crazy because there is just so much that’s happening everywhere. Other than prioritizing my clients, I also make an extra effort to be super quick on my feet. The fear of missing out on a perfect shot just because I was looking elsewhere, is one of my worst nightmares. Is it tiring? Not really, since I love what I do... all the running around does not bother me much.

Capturing stunning photographs of the bride and the groom is just one major part of a wedding photographer’s duties, the rest of the family needs to be photographed too! And you get only a handful of opportunities to get the family portraits perfect. I’m a people’s person through and through. Wedding photography is done best when you connect with your clients and their families. DH Photography is all game for communicating with you, the client, through the entire process. This is again, just our way of ensuring that you are happy with the end results.

Whether I’m photographing the couple, the family or the guests at the event, my wedding photography style can be best described as: not forced. I’m a huge advocate of the fact that photographs come out best when you capture your subjects in their element. This does not mean that I slack off on giving instructions where the need may be, it’s just that for me posed pictures run the risk of looking as if the subjects are trying too hard. My opinion is that every client has their own distinct personality and as a professional photographer capturing that personality in pictures is one of my major goals.

Weddings in Edinburgh and Scotland in general, are a lot of fun, not to mention immensely aesthetically pleasing too! The backdrops the gorgeous city provides are unparalleled. If you are looking for an Edinburgh wedding photographer, have a look at the portfolio and see for yourself why DH Photography may just be what you’re looking for.



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