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'Photography is the stopping of time... owning the moment forever'

I discovered photography when I was a child, more than 20 years ago, when along with my father, I used to improvise a "dark room" back at home and we were developing photos taken with an old CMEHA(Smena) 35mm film camera.

As a teenager, I purchased my first professional camera from a car boot sale - it was a Canon EOS500 35mm SLR camera. From the car boot sale I went straight to a photography shop, I purchased a film and and I spent the whole day outside taking photos...and I never stopped since then. Meanwhile I obviously switched to digital, changed different cameras but I still enjoy once in a while shooting on 35mm film.

Before deciding to go freelance as a photographer I spent about 12 years working in customer services and I know how much it matters for you, as a customer, to deal with someone that is reliable, professional and who is always there for you. That's why I will always meet with you before the shoot to know each other better, discuss the expectations and plan together the shoot or the big day.

I am in my 30's, a very laid back guy and your satisfaction as a client is my top priority. For three years in a row, 2015, 2016 and 2017, I have been nominated for Best Wedding Photographer ,  by the Scottish Wedding Awards and THE VOWS Wedding Awards. It makes me very proud to be among the top photographers in Scotland and it shows that dedication and hard work always pays back.

Although I am an Edinburgh wedding photographer I am open to photo shoots in any location and I have no problem in travelling anywhere (literally) for them.