Love-struck in Dunfermline, Scotland

May 29, 2017  •  1 Comment

It is always a delight to cover weddings where the couple is head over heels in love with each other. Nicola and Craig is one such couple who finally tied the knot after 17 beautiful years of being together. This is just the kind of couple who would reaffirm your belief in love.

The best part about doing wedding photography is that you get to witness real life love stories.  The second best part about doing wedding photography in Edinburgh is the stunning wedding venues. As you all know, Scotland is pretty big on providing some of the most picturesque views, ever. Keavil House Hotel in Dunfermline, Scotland is a testament to this fact. This was the location which Nicola and Craig had picked for their big day.

To say the least, I was very excited just thinking about the beautiful pictures I would be taking on the main event.

The day of the wedding finally arrived. Most couples tend to obsess about the weather which they wedding day is predicted to have. And with good reason! The perfect weather could not just mean having a smooth wedding ceremony, but good weather is also essential for beautiful wedding pictures.

Nicola and Craig were in luck. The weather was marvelous. There was just the right amount of sunshine which was more than enough for me to capture crisp and vivid documentary style wedding photos. While the wedding reception area at the Keavil House Hotel is no less than gorgeous, it is the cherry blossom tree they have outside which is the main attraction.

As a huge fan of cherry blossom trees myself, I knew that that place was going to be my main focus for clicking as many candid photos as I possibly could. Nicola and Craig had given me full liberty of capturing their wedding, the way I saw it fit.

Dressed in a gorgeous ivory wedding gown Nicola looked like something out of a dream. The groom, Craig, on the other hand went ahead with the traditional kilt and was totally working the look. The two looked so comfortable around each other and the comfort translated so beautifully in the pictures too. Perhaps, the fact that they had been together for the past 17 years and still going strong, was the reason for this!

It was not just the couple who was laid back; the guests at the wedding were equally relaxed. I can easily say that Nicola and Craig’s wedding photography was definitely one of the most effortless photography sessions I have ever covered in my career.

As predicted, the cherry blossom tree made for a beautiful photo spot. The pictures I took there of the bride and the groom, as well as their family and friends, turned out to be the best.




Craig & Nicola Watson(non-registered)
You simply made the day flow freely and as relaxed as we wanted and captured some amazing shots.
Everything was perfect.
We cant thank you enough.
Craig & Nicola
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